Vulgar words in The Romance of Lust - A classic Victorian erotic novel (Page 1)

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arse x 107
arsehole x 40
bugger x 8
cunny x 1
cunt x 467
cunt-struck x 3
dildo x 14
fart x 1
frig x 68
frigging x 55
fuck x 178
fuck about x 1
fuck it x 1
fuck me x 9
fuck up x 1
fuck with x 9
fuck you x 5
fucked x 124
fucker x 16
fucking x 136
hussy x 1
knocked up x 1
make love x 1
piss x 9
quim x 35
shit x 1
spunk x 19
wet dream x 1

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~   ~   ~   Sentence 71   ~   ~   ~

When she left the school-room, and I was alone, I kissed that part of the fender her feet had pressed, and the seat on which she sat, and even the air an inch above, imagination placing there her lovely cunt.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 80   ~   ~   ~

While straddling over the bidet before she sat down, the whole of her pinky-lipped cunt broke on my enraptured sight.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 84   ~   ~   ~

She then raised herself off the bidet, and for a moment again displayed the pouting lips of her cunt--then stood fronting me for two or three minutes while she removed, with the rinsed sponge, the trickling drops of water which still gathered on the rich bush of curls around her quim.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 133   ~   ~   ~

I could not keep my eyes from her pouting quim, the swelling lips of which, under the severity of the punishment it was undergoing, not only seemed to thicken, but actually opened and shut, and evidently throbbed with agony.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 166   ~   ~   ~

Mrs. Benson lay for a few minutes longer all exposed, her quim more open than before, and I could see a white slime oozing from it.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 190   ~   ~   ~

Then I thought, how delicious it would be to treat Miss Evelyn in the same way, and to revel with my stiff-standing prick in her delicious quim, which in my mind's eye I saw before me as I had viewed in on her rising from the bidet, when I lay hid under the bed.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 191   ~   ~   ~

Then I thought of my sister Mary's smaller, although attractive little quim, and I resolved, as that was the easiest to get hold of, to initiate her in all the newly discovered mysteries.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 192   ~   ~   ~

I fully determined that my own first lesson, as well as hers, should be taken on her little fat chubby cunt.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 246   ~   ~   ~

The fine limbs and hairy quims exposed freely before me from moment to moment excited my passions.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 333   ~   ~   ~

It was quite spunky; I had no doubt but that Mr. B. had fucked her two or three times just before leaving.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 336   ~   ~   ~

She placed both hands on my head and pressed my face against her throbbing cunt.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 338   ~   ~   ~

She wriggled her bottom nervously below me, I continued to greedily lick her moist and juicy cunt.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 346   ~   ~   ~

I continued to lick away, and swallowed the delicious spunk that still flowed from her.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 350   ~   ~   ~

She then desired me to lay myself on the floor, with three pillows to raise my head, and lifting up all her petticoats, and striding across me, with her back to my face, she knelt down, then stooping forward, she took my standing prick in her mouth, and at the same time lowering her buttocks, brought her beautiful cunt right over and down upon my mouth, the pillows exactly supporting my head at the proper level, to command a thorough enjoyment of the whole, which now I had completely before my eyes.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 356   ~   ~   ~

One hand gently frigged the lower portion of my prick, while the other played with my balls, and her beautiful mouth, lips, and tongue sucked, pressed, and tickled the head of my excited prick.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 357   ~   ~   ~

The more furiously I sucked her cunt, the more her lips compressed the head of my pego, and her tongue sought to enter the urethra, giving me almost overpowering delight.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 381   ~   ~   ~

I grew again very excited, and would fain have proceeded at once to try again to fuck her as well as suck her, but she was inexorable, and told me I should only spoil the pleasure we should afterwards have in bed.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 397   ~   ~   ~

The remembrance of all her charms was ever present to my mind's eye, and I longed once more to dart my tongue into her moist and juicy cunt, as well as to try the new method that was to initiate me into the real secrets of Venus.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 400   ~   ~   ~

Fortunately, I had never frigged myself, and that resource never occured to me, or I might have rendered myself quite incapable of enjoying the raptures my beautiful benefactress afterwards entranced me with.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 428   ~   ~   ~

With her long taper fingers she guided my prick--I trembled in every limb and almost felt sick with excitement--but when I felt the delicious sensation caused by the insertion of my skinned pintle between the smooth warm oily folds of the lady's cunt--I gave but one shove which carried me up so that I swooned away on her belly and milk-white bosom.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 429   ~   ~   ~

When I came to myself I still lay on her belly, enfolded in her lovely arms, my prick sheathed up to the cods in her delicious cunt, which was throbbing in the most extatic way and pressing and closing with every fold on my prick--which had hardly lost any of its pristine stiffness; as my eyes began to discern her features, an exquisite smile played upon my darling companion's lips.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 454   ~   ~   ~

I put down my hand to press my prick a little downwards to facilitate the further entrance; you may imagine my astonishment when on so doing I found myself in the lady's bottom-hole, instead of her cunt.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 456   ~   ~   ~

I was about to withdraw and place it in the proper orifice when a convulsive pressure of the sphincter caused me such exquisite satisfaction by the pressure of the folds on the more sensitive upper half of my prick, which was so delicious, and so much tighter, and more exciting than my previous experience of the cunt that I could not resist the temptation of carrying the experiment to the end.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 457   ~   ~   ~

Therefore, thrusting my two fingers into her cunt, I pressed my belly forwards with all my might, and sheathed my prick in her bottom-hole to its full extent.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 460   ~   ~   ~

I wish you would be content with my cunt, I shall be unable to walk tomorrow.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 462   ~   ~   ~

It is downright cruel of you--but since you are in, stay quiet a little, and then continue to frig me with your fingers, as you know that eventually gives me great pleasure."

~   ~   ~   Sentence 464   ~   ~   ~

I was, however, too agreeably situated to speculate on anything, but as I was now buried within her bottom-hole, I lay quiet for a few minutes as she had requested; and as her complaints subsided, and I felt a slight reciprocating movement, I, too, moved within her, working at the same time my two fingers in her cunt.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 494   ~   ~   ~

In retiring from each thrust, her cunt seemed to close upon my prick with the force of a pair of pincers.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 500   ~   ~   ~

My prick had once more swelled up, and I wished to quietly enjoy a fuck in the luxurious position in which we lay; but my lovely friend said-- "That must not be, my dear Charles, I must consider your health.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 504   ~   ~   ~

As she was quite naked, the movements of her beauteous form were most graceful and enchanting, and one leg being thrown backwards left her lovely cunt full in view, and actually gaping open before me.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 506   ~   ~   ~

To this she readily consented, and lay down on her back, opening her glorious thighs, and with a pillow under her bottom so as to raise up her cunt into a better position for me to gamahuche her, as she called it.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 507   ~   ~   ~

Before letting me begin, she said-- "My dear Charles, do you see that little projection at the upper part of my quim, that is my clitoris, and is the site of the most exquisite sensation; you see it is rather hard, even now, but you will find as you titillate it with your tongue or suck it, that it will become harder and more projecting, so apply your lips there."

~   ~   ~   Sentence 510   ~   ~   ~

I slipped my hand under my chin--the position was awkward, but I managed to thrust my thumb into her cunt.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 514   ~   ~   ~

My head was pressed so firmly against her cunt that I had difficulty in breathing, but I managed to keep up the action of tongue and fingers until I brought on the exquisite crisis--her buttocks rose, her hand pressed hard on my head and her two powerful and fleshy thighs closed on my cheeks on each side and fixed me as if in a vice, while she poured down into my mouth and all over my chin, neck, and hand a perfect rush of sperm, and then lay in convulsive movements of enjoyment, hardly knowing what she was doing.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 518   ~   ~   ~

I did so, but took care, in drawing myself up, to engroove my stiff-standing prick in the well-moistened open cunt that lay raised on a pillow so conveniently in the way.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 538   ~   ~   ~

She immediately guided it to and engulphed it in her burning cunt up to the very hair.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 545   ~   ~   ~

We both lay for some time incapable of movement, but the internal squeezing and convulsive pressure of her cunt on my softened, but still enlarged prick, were exquisite beyond imagining.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 552   ~   ~   ~

Many and many a fine woman, perfect too in the art of fucking, have I enjoyed, but the novelty and the charm, the variety and the superiority of the teacher, all combined to make this night the _ne plus ultra_ of erotic pleasure.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 619   ~   ~   ~

I sprung up, and in an instant, without a word being said, had her on her back, and was into her delicious cunt as far as I could drive my stiff-standing prick.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 625   ~   ~   ~

Pushing myself down the bed, I applied my lips and tongue to her lovely cunt, all wet with our mutual discharge, which was so sweet to the taste that I first began licking between the lips, and the applied myself to her excited clitoris, and with my finger and thumb working as on the previous morning I threw her into an extasy of delight, until again she had a delicious discharge.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 626   ~   ~   ~

Then creeping up, I thrust my prick into her well-moistened and velvety cunt--as you may imagine it was rampant as ever after my mouth contact with the exquisite quim I had been sucking.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 630   ~   ~   ~

She placed her left thigh between my thighs, then slightly twisting her bottom up towards me brought the lips of her cunt directly before my prick, which she seized with her delicate fingers, and guided safely into Venus's grotto.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 658   ~   ~   ~

Her sensible remark had been drawn out to such a length, that my prick had so far rebelled that he had throbbed inside of her delicious cunt so forcibly as to produce a happy movement of her body that interrupted and cut short her words.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 680   ~   ~   ~

We did most thoroughly enjoy this splendid fuck, and without withdrawing, both fell into the sweetest imaginable slumber.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 681   ~   ~   ~

This was one of those occasions in which, having fallen asleep engulphed, I awoke some five hours later, to find my prick still lightly held within the velvety folds of one of the most delicious cunts ever created for the felicity of man, or, I may say, woman either.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 694   ~   ~   ~

Wetting her middle finger with her saliva, she thrust it up my bottom-hole, and worked in unison with the suction of the knob, and the frigging of the root of my prick with the other hand.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 758   ~   ~   ~

The action of my agile tongue produced an instantaneous effect--her loins and thighs heaved up her bottom to press her little pouting cunt against my face.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 774   ~   ~   ~

Her little cunt being now relaxed, and well moistened with her own discharge and my saliva, and well inclined to receive my prick, I spat upon it and lubricated it from head to root.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 775   ~   ~   ~

Then rising from my knees, I stretched myself over Mary's belly, and gently directing my prick, and rubbing it up and down first between the lips, and exciting her clitoris by the same action, I gently and gradually inserted its head between the lips of her charming little cunt.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 783   ~   ~   ~

So far, perhaps, it was fortunate, because I poured into her a torrent of sperm which was not only balm to her partially wounded hymen, but so relaxed and lubricated the interior of her cunt as greatly to facilitate my after-efforts.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 788   ~   ~   ~

First I slipped my hand down between our two bellies and began frigging her clitoris, which immediately excited her passions to the highest pitch.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 798   ~   ~   ~

Some minutes had elapsed in these remonstrances on one side; and coaxings on the other, when I suddenly felt her charming little cunt actually throb upon and give an involuntary squeeze to my prick, which was still throbbing her.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 799   ~   ~   ~

He was far too ready to stand at any time, still more when engulphed in the exquisite young cunt he had just initiated into love's mysteries--_bref_--he stood stiff as ever, and Mary, at first with a shudder of fright, then with all the energy of awakened passion, began to move her body under me.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 802   ~   ~   ~

Mary's passions became fully aroused, and when so, the trifling soreness passed out of mind, and we actually had a most delicious fuck, in which my prick appeared as if in a vice, and Mary wriggled her backside almost as well as the more artistic movements of Mrs. Benson.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 808   ~   ~   ~

We fondled and prattled, until it became again in a state of violent erection, equally stimulating her tight little cunt, so that we were forced to recommence our love encounter.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 811   ~   ~   ~

In my sister's case it began from the very first complete insertion of my prick and the years that I afterwards continued to fuck her added nothing to this delicious accomplishment, except in the variety of positions in which it could be exercised.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 814   ~   ~   ~

she was so sweetly caressing that I could not withdraw from her, and we fondled and toyed until again my cock rose to his first vigour, and she nothing loath, began her new and naturally taught gift of bottom upheavings and cunt pressures until again we sank exhausted in the death-like ending of love's battles.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 817   ~   ~   ~

On rising and withdrawing, we were both alarmed to see that my prick was all bloody, and that blood and semen were oozing from her cunt.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 820   ~   ~   ~

I soon convinced and calmed my sister on the point--fortunately the sofa covering was red, and applying my handkerchief, I wiped up all the semen mixture, and, in fact, no marks remained; the same handkerchief wiped all results from Mary's dear little cunt, and as her shift had been kept well up, fortunately no stains appeared upon that.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 826   ~   ~   ~

I made her kneel on the low couch, with her head well up and her thighs open; kneeling behind, I gamahuched her until she spent; then rising, shoved my prick into her cunt, in her then position, and had a downright good poke, which she, too, found was a way that gave her extra excitement.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 828   ~   ~   ~

I taught her the side fuck which had so charmed me with my delightful instructress, and I found dear Mary even an apter scholar than myself had proved.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 830   ~   ~   ~

I strongly advised Mary to get some warm water and bathe her cunt well, for, as may be supposed, I had taken the opportunity of teaching her the true erotic language as applied to the organs of generation of both sexes, and the name of the connection itself, "fucking."

~   ~   ~   Sentence 851   ~   ~   ~

One new dose was laying me down flat on my back, then straddling over me, she sank on her knees, and with body erect, lifted up or rather bent back my stiff-standing prick, until he was fairly below her open cunt, then guiding it exactly to the proper entrance, she sank her body slowly down upon it until fully engulphed, hair crushed hair, then as slowly raising again, she drew off until all but the nut was uncovered, to again sink down.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 855   ~   ~   ~

It was a variety of enjoyment that my lovely mistress acknowledged to me she at times felt much inclined to enjoy, but only after having the front path of pleasure well fucked and lubricated with sperm, which alone caused the other mucous membrane to feel inclined that way.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 892   ~   ~   ~

I obeyed mechanically, and his middle finger forced itself between the lips of my cunt, and commenced rubbing my clitoris.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 897   ~   ~   ~

He thrust his finger up my cunt, then rose up, threw off his dressing-gown, took me in his arms, and lifted me on the bed, placing a pillow under my head.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 898   ~   ~   ~

Then letting my legs fall over the sides, he knelt on the floor, and separating my thighs with his arms, stooped and kissed my quim.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 908   ~   ~   ~

He leant forward, and with his arms under my legs, lifted them well up, and I felt a stiff thick thing pressing against my cunt.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 937   ~   ~   ~

When up to the hilt, and the two hairs were closely joined, he paused and said-- "We will take it less impatiently this time, that my darling Bessie may enter into all the joys of fucking, for that is what we call it my dear; so I shall go slowly to work until my darling's passions awake and urgently call for more rapid movements."

~   ~   ~   Sentence 954   ~   ~   ~

My husband fucked me five times before he dozed off.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 978   ~   ~   ~

He seized me round the waist, and, before I knew where I was, passed a hand between my thighs, and guided his huge cock to the lips of my cunt, and was in me, I thought further than ever, in a moment.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 979   ~   ~   ~

It is true the previous toying with his instrument had terribly excited me, and I had felt that my cunt had become very moist, but I had no idea that anything could be accomplished in that position.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 983   ~   ~   ~

You remember how it used to stick out when excited as far as the first thumb joint, and how, when sometimes I played the husband on your belly, you declared that it actually entered between the lips of your cunt, rubbed against your smaller development, and gave you great pleasure, as indeed it gave me.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 987   ~   ~   ~

Oh, how he fondled and embraced me, making me partially turn my body so that he might kiss and tongue me, and then suck my bubbies; his busy finger all the time tickling and frigging my clitoris.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 994   ~   ~   ~

My darling husband waited on me himself at breakfast, stimulating me to eat freely as a means of restoring my lost strength; which he very soon put to the test again, for he fucked me three times during the day, and each time he gave me greater pleasure than before.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 996   ~   ~   ~

And the whole three weeks we stayed at Leamington, he never fucked me less than four times a night, declaring that I had become most perfect in the exercise.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 1,000   ~   ~   ~

One afternoon Fred followed me into my bedroom, as was usual, and gamahuched and fucked me on the edge of the bed.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 1,014   ~   ~   ~

I drew up my petticoats, and the gallant little fellow instantly fell on his knees, kissed and sucked my cunt.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 1,016   ~   ~   ~

I took his pego into my mouth, and pressed my cunt against his face, we devoured each other with our luxurious caresses until we both spent copiously.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 1,019   ~   ~   ~

He was sent early to bed, but when I came I found him still awake, expecting me, and I had the delicious treat of initiating him into the pleasures of fucking.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 1,031   ~   ~   ~

I let him go on, and with his well hung cock in my bottom, and two or three fingers in my cunt, he fucked and frigged me most deliciously, until we both spent in an agony of pleasure.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 1,032   ~   ~   ~

If, Carry, you have not tried this route I strongly recommend you to do so without delay, but you must be well fucked in the first instance, to stimulate a desire in those parts, and your lover must be up to the art of frigging you at the same time, or you can pass your hand under your belly, and rub your clitoris, which was the plan I adopted with Charlie, until I taught him the art of rubbing the clitoris properly.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 1,036   ~   ~   ~

He pressed my bottom down with one hand, and with the other embracing the nearer buttock, introduced his middle finger up the rosy orifice of my bottom, and frigged me in unison with our ups and downs of fucking, giving me the most delicious additional sensations.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 1,048   ~   ~   ~

Splendidly as my husband fucks, Charley already beats him.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 1,094   ~   ~   ~

Towards the end I had slight scintillations of pleasure, but not worth mentioning; it is true my husband is not so well-armed as yours and Charlie appear to be, and he is also much colder in his passions; for instance, he did not attempt to fuck me again, although I would have been gratified if he had done so; perhaps it was considerate towards me in his idea, but, merely embracing me in his arms, he talked himself and me to sleep.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 1,095   ~   ~   ~

In the morning he again fucked me, this time giving me something like pleasure, but I was altogether disappointed with my night's experience.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 1,097   ~   ~   ~

My husband since has never exceeded twice a night, but he has become more exciting, and has generally made me spend twice to his once, first exciting my passions by feeling all my private parts, and frigging my clitoris, so that I generally have lubricated the passage by my own discharge before he attempts to make an entrance.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 1,142   ~   ~   ~

He had thrown up my petticoats, and I felt a long and extremely hard prick rush up my cunt, and begin the most lively action.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 1,143   ~   ~   ~

In fact, he carried me (not unwillingly I must avow) by storm, and made haste to secure the fortress at once, so that I had a very quick fuck, that did not assuage the fire he had raised within me.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 1,146   ~   ~   ~

In fact, my dear Lizzie, I may say it was the first fuck that thoroughly realised my, or rather our, anticipations of the act.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 1,148   ~   ~   ~

In a short time we had again a delicious fuck.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 1,150   ~   ~   ~

I have tried this position kneeling, with my husband on his back; but it does not equal the chair fuck.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 1,162   ~   ~   ~

After the Count had fucked me twice I turned my back as if wishing it in a way we often enjoyed it, but took care to place my bottom in such a position that the smaller orifice was nearest to his standing prick.

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