Vulgar words in The Power of Mesmerism - A Highly Erotic Narrative of Voluptuous Facts and Fancies (Page 1)

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arse x 2
arsehole x 1
cocky x 1
cunny x 4
cunt x 81
damn x 1
dildo x 18
fart x 2
frig x 27
frigging x 16
fuck x 11
fuck you x 1
fucked x 11
fucker x 1
fucking x 9
love juice x 2
pimp x 1
quim x 2
slut x 4
spunk x 10
titty x 2
wet dream x 1
whore x 6

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~   ~   ~   Sentence 39   ~   ~   ~

At length she fell into a troubled sleep, and after tossing wildly about, awoke suddenly and found that she was spending, her nightdress and chemise were saturated, and her lovely cunt was throbbing with the extasy.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 60   ~   ~   ~

In a few moments he gently separated those divine thighs, and his eyes were riveted on his sister's darling little cunt, which now lay fully exposed to view.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 65   ~   ~   ~

He then desisted, and releasing his bursting prick commenced slowly to frig himself, while gazing on the exquisite beauties exhibited to his view.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 67   ~   ~   ~

Now fearing discovery, he carefully wiped his sister's cunt with his handkerchief, which he madly kissed afterwards, and adjusted her dress, removed all traces of his own spending, and proceeded to awaken his sister.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 85   ~   ~   ~

He rushed to the bed, kissed the nightdress, and literally glued his lips to that portion of her drawers which had covered her darling little cunt.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 122   ~   ~   ~

He then ordered her to lie down on her back, raise her knees, and place her heels against her buttocks, then insert her finger in that divine cunt and frig herself.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 128   ~   ~   ~

"Keep your thighs widely extended," he said, "so that I can see every throb that convulses your cunt, when the lovely liquor of love oozes forth."

~   ~   ~   Sentence 134   ~   ~   ~

He burned to fuck her, but dared not venture, and after a short time he ordered her to resume her clothes, and then repeated the passes in a contrary direction until she recovered her senses, and to his great delight, she evidently knew nothing of what had taken place.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 155   ~   ~   ~

He next placed his finger inside the lips of her cunt, and found to his surprise that it entered easily.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 156   ~   ~   ~

"Thank God," he muttered, "she has been frigged, possibly fucked, and I shall not hurt her."

~   ~   ~   Sentence 158   ~   ~   ~

He then lay powerless, and the spasm overtook him and ebbed forth into the inmost recesses of his sister's cunt.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 159   ~   ~   ~

He lay for a few moments in a profound lethargy, when he suddenly found his sister's cunt contracting and throbbing around his prick, which was still soaking within her.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 160   ~   ~   ~

This fired him anew, and placing both hands beneath her buttocks, he pressed her cunt towards him with the utmost force, while driving in and out of her with deep and body-killing thrusts.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 169   ~   ~   ~

She was kneeling and in the act of pulling the clothes from his sister, and raising her night dress, gazed ardently at her cunt.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 171   ~   ~   ~

You must have had such a wet dream."

~   ~   ~   Sentence 177   ~   ~   ~

His sister now sought Mabel's cunt, and inserting a finger, commenced pushing it backwards and forwards as she embraced her lovely buttocks with her disengaged arm, burying her tongue within the rosy bottom-hole.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 179   ~   ~   ~

Frank seized his prick and frigged himself in unison with their movements, spouting out a torrent of sperm at the same moment as the two lovely tribades lost consciousness in their blissful convulsions.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 181   ~   ~   ~

She then turned her with her belly downwards, so that their cunts were in contact, and again passing her hand between Mabel's thighs, she rubbed the profuse spendings with which their cunts overflowed into her exposed bottom-hole, and then inserting her finger, pushed it in and out its entire length, whilst Mabel struggled to release herself.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 204   ~   ~   ~

He now gently pushed her backwards and placed one hand beneath her clothes, gently pressing her legs and thighs apart, until he at length succeeded in reaching her cunt, which was in a moist and spending condition.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 207   ~   ~   ~

Frank commenced to frig her, at first gently, gradually increasing the rapidity and depth of his insertion, till, with a shriek of rapture, she spent profusely.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 215   ~   ~   ~

When he first reached school in Germany he was perfectly innocent, but was speedily initiated into all the mysteries of frigging and prick sucking by his school-fellows, who also used to fuck each other between the thighs, while a third behind received the point of his prick in his mouth each time it was pressed forward and sucked out every drop of spend that he could obtain.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 230   ~   ~   ~

He also commenced fucking the boy in the mouth, pushing himself backwards and forwards, when suddenly he dropped the birch, and seizing the boy's head forced his prick within his mouth as far as he could ram it, spent, saying with spasmodic gasps, "Swallow it all--my--spunk--shall--go down--your throat--if it--kills you."

~   ~   ~   Sentence 237   ~   ~   ~

The master's prick was again furiously erect, so throwing the birch down again he took a small pot of cold cream and produced an implement somewhat resembling an artificial prick (it was in fact a dildo), which he plentifully rubbed with the ointment, then taking more on his finger, approached the boy, and pressing apart the cheeks of his bottom, began to anoint the tight, wrinkled bumhole with it, gradually inserting his finger further and further inside.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 238   ~   ~   ~

He then took the dildo, and applying it to the orifice, pushed it steadily in, until its entire length was buried in his anus; leaving it there he again examined the boy's prick, and was evidently delighted to find that at last it stood as stiffly as his own.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 239   ~   ~   ~

He then withdrew the dildo, and after rubbing his own prick with cold cream, knelt on the sofa behind the boy, and pointing the head of his cock at the well moistened orifice, pulling apart the buttocks with both hands, he eventually succeeded in penetrating the boy thoroughly.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 240   ~   ~   ~

He next proceeded with both hands, which he passed in front of the boy's belly, and seized his glorious prick and balls, and while fucking him in the bottom, frigged him also, now stopping, and then again proceeding with rapidity, until at last the boy spent profusely, at the same moment that the master deposited within him his exhilarating emission.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 246   ~   ~   ~

This was to a young student at a neighbouring college, with whom he had become intimate, even to the extent of frigging each other.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 255   ~   ~   ~

The student now told Frank that he must see him fuck her.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 258   ~   ~   ~

And I have never seen her cunt!"

~   ~   ~   Sentence 266   ~   ~   ~

But, his friend getting impatient, he proceeded to raise her dress in front, exhibiting a lovely little pink cunt, with scarcely a hair on it.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 268   ~   ~   ~

Frank examined that deliciously tight little cunt; it was impossible to get even the point of his finger in.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 269   ~   ~   ~

"How can I fuck this?" said he.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 276   ~   ~   ~

This little incident had created in Frank's mind a mad desire to force his way into a virgin cunt, he revelling in the agony of his victim by anticipation, and on mentioning his desire to his friend, he said, "I will speak to a lady that I know very well."

~   ~   ~   Sentence 290   ~   ~   ~

He pressed her belly amorously, and placing his hand at the junction of her thighs, discovered a most exquisite cunt and a clitoris erect and hard.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 299   ~   ~   ~

"Marie," said she, addressing the girl, "these two handsome young fellows are going to fuck you.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 317   ~   ~   ~

Madame G---- then proceeded to suck her breasts and rub her belly and the inside of her thighs, directing Frank to fondle her cunt.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 322   ~   ~   ~

Acting on her instructions, Frank approached the lower end of the cross table, and placing himself between the victim's legs, placed the point of his prick just within the lips of her spending cunt, his friend taking up his station at the other end of the table with his rampant fiery cock just above the horrified face.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 323   ~   ~   ~

Madame, for her part, knelt on a prie-dieu, from the back of which protruded a dildo, which immediately entered her ready cunt to the very hilt, and leaning forward she recommended sucking and biting the tender nipples of her victim.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 325   ~   ~   ~

His friend now commenced to frig himself, and Madame G---- was also pushing furiously backwards and forwards on the dildo, as Frank now fucked the girl with deep and agonizing insertions of his prick.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 326   ~   ~   ~

The victim fainted from excess of pain and emotion, seeing which, Madame violently bit her bosom, and she recovered consciousness with a shriek of anguish, just as Frank spent within her lacerated body, and his friend inundated her face with the spunk that poured from his spending prick.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 327   ~   ~   ~

At the same time Madame covered her dildo also with a prolific emission.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 329   ~   ~   ~

Having reversed their victim so that she now lay on her belly, with a concealed dildo of immense size forcing itself up her cunt, they proceeded with three immense birch rods to carry this into effect, lashing her bottom, loins, inside her thighs, and even the lips of her cunt, tightly distended around the huge dildo, till the hue of her skin was a burning scarlet.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 330   ~   ~   ~

Then desisting, Madame G---- took another dildo, and pulling wider apart the cheeks of that smarting bottom, thrust it into her convulsed and agonized bottom-hole with hellish force.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 333   ~   ~   ~

This was immediately carried into effect, Frank's prick entered the cunt in front of him with the greatest ease.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 334   ~   ~   ~

Their violent up and down motions caused the dildo buried in the cunt of the almost crushed victim to fuck her.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 337   ~   ~   ~

Their movements were fast and furious, and just as their spunk flowed with convulsive throbs, Frank's friend thrust two pins into the quivering buttocks of the victim, causing the most exquisite torture.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 339   ~   ~   ~

They sucked and frigged, spending over each other in every direction.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 340   ~   ~   ~

Then getting up, Frank withdrew the dildo from the bottom-hole of the suffering girl, substituted his prick, which was slippery with spendings, and commenced to fuck her there, whilst his friend inserted his under one of her extended arms, so that the point rubbed against one of the nipples of her bosom.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 341   ~   ~   ~

Madame G----, not to be behind hand, again seated herself astraddle the victim's waist, and rubbing her opened cunt in the spendings that still remained on her back from the previous fucking that had taken place there, frigged herself thus, as Frank increased her excitement and pleasure by working his moistened finger in the wrinkled bum-hole she presented to his view, to her intense enjoyment.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 342   ~   ~   ~

They all spent at the same time, even the victim, who could not resist the effect of the dildo still within her cunt.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 343   ~   ~   ~

She was now literally inundated with spunk, and utterly exhausted, as the others resumed their clothes.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 346   ~   ~   ~

A few days after Frank and Ethel had knowingly fucked, Mr. and Mrs. Etheridge were obliged to visit London, and the brother and sister resolved to utilise the occasion.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 347   ~   ~   ~

Frank, during the interim, had succeeded in gamahuching and fucking the housemaid who had visited his sister in her room on that memorable night.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 349   ~   ~   ~

This was carried into effect, and Frank, from his post of observation at the crevice, saw them perfectly naked, lying on the outside of the bed, the housemaid being reversed above her mistress, while they were literally devouring each other's cunts.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 354   ~   ~   ~

Frank proceeded to push his prick in and out, as he revelled in this charming aperture, while his sister, abandoning for a moment the delicious cunt she was sucking, took his slippery balls in her mouth and rolled her tongue around them in such an exciting manner that he spent immediately, his spunk oozing out and flowing over the face of his delighted sister.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 362   ~   ~   ~

They commenced to fuck gently, fondling each other as they did so.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 365   ~   ~   ~

The day before the return of their parents, Frank and Ethel were seated in the summer house mutually fondling each other's private parts, when Frank said that the desire he had long felt to see his mother's glorious nakedness, and if possible to fuck and gamahuche her, grew stronger every day, and he was resolved to try it by the aid of mesmerism.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 368   ~   ~   ~

Mabel now entered, and stopped further conversation by frigging herself before them, while they also performed the same act for each other, after which they all returned to the house.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 377   ~   ~   ~

Ethel now got into bed, having first rendered similar assistance to Minette, who did not possess the shyness of her younger friend, but before putting on her nightdress completely bared her whole body before the eyes of Ethel, who was somewhat surprised to see such large prominent breasts and a profusion of hair covering her cunt.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 382   ~   ~   ~

She was lying on her back, her legs widely extended, and her cunt moist, slightly open and occasionally twitching with a spasmodic throb, whilst she sighed gently and smiled in her sleep.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 383   ~   ~   ~

Ethel was possessed by a nameless sensation, and actuated by curiosity, ventured to look closer at the full-blown cunt, which seemed to rivet her gaze, and saw a little fleshy lump protruding from between the luscious-looking vermillion lips.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 388   ~   ~   ~

Ethel felt a strange throbbing, and her finger was immediately wetted with a warm gush of thick creamy glutinous something which was emitted from the cunt of her bedfellow.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 394   ~   ~   ~

These rosy cheeks, my bursting youth bespeak, These beaming eyes proclaim my ardent quim, But O!

~   ~   ~   Sentence 420   ~   ~   ~

"Silly girl, hold that whimpering noise, you deserve all this disgrace, did I not tell you how I would punish you before the whole school next time?" said Madame, evidently with some excitement, as she opened the girl's drawers behind, and pinned up the tail of her chemise with all the rest of the impedimenta round the victim's waist, till at last they had a very fair view of Rosalie's lovely little pink-lipped cunt, upon which the incipient growth of soft down was only just beginning to be perceptible, and another delightful item displayed to view was her tight wrinkled little bum-hole, set in a frame of soft-tinted delicate brown, beautifully in contrast with the snowy whiteness of the well-developed buttocks.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 423   ~   ~   ~

When she recommenced, the birching was directed to the inside of the victim's thighs, and even on the lips of that delicately pink little cunt, with light smart touches, evidently intended to inflame the parts rather than cut them up.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 425   ~   ~   ~

Madame Cul stopped the punishment, and to Ethel's intense surprise, she saw Rosalie's bottom-hole open and shut, whilst the throbbing lips of her cunt emitted a thick, whitish-looking liquid, which oozed forth in spasmodic gushes.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 435   ~   ~   ~

Joining her companion bedfellow also quite naked, they embraced each other warmly and Minette, placing her hand on Ethel's bottom, forced their cunts together.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 440   ~   ~   ~

At the same time she gently placed her hand on Ethel's cunt, and commenced to suck one of her nipples, whilst one finger was titillating her companion's incipient clitoris, which, although so small as to be scarcely visible, was tremendously sensitive to these tender and lascivious touches by such an experienced tribade.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 444   ~   ~   ~

Reversing her position all of a sudden, she forced her head between Ethel's thighs and commenced to suck her cunt, plunging her amorous velvety-tipped tongue in as far as it would go, or biting the little clitoris in such a way that her companion was almost mad with a feeling she could not yet fully understand.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 446   ~   ~   ~

At last her head fell back, her throbbing cunt was raised to meet those warm, loving kisses, and then for the first time in her life, she really spent--and fainted.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 449   ~   ~   ~

Her bedfellow hastened to fondle her again, and before another hour had passed they were mutually frigging, gamahuching, and spending amid cries of delight.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 453   ~   ~   ~

Twelve girls, of ages varying from ten to sixteen, were all lying in a confused heap on two of the beds that had been placed close together, and they were sucking, frigging, and fucking each other with dildoes.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 454   ~   ~   ~

Minette rushed to the bed and speedily mingled with the spending mass of girlhood, whilst Ethel, utterly unable to resist the impulse, ran forward also to the birched girl and was soon sucking her cunt, whilst other girls sucked her nipples or excited her almost to madness by working their fingers in her sensitive bottom-hole.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 471   ~   ~   ~

She examined her cunt, pressed and rubbed her belly, squeezed her nipples between her fingers till they grew quite impudently erect, inserted her finger in Ethel's cunt, and commenced to frig the agitated girl luxuriously, making her toss about in such extasy that, when spending again, Madame could scarcely hold her, so violent were her contortions.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 488   ~   ~   ~

Placing his hand within the slit in front he pulled aside the chemise, and gently extending her legs to their widest, he placed her feet on two chairs, and they now had a full view of that glorious cunt from which they both had come.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 492   ~   ~   ~

Now taking from his pocket a dildo (which he had previously charged), he gradually inserted it in his mother and pushed it gently backwards and forwards.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 493   ~   ~   ~

The lips clung lovingly to it, his mother's breathing became hurried, her bubbles heaved under the caressing fingers of her daughter, and with a tremendous spasm that convulsed every muscle of her body, she spent, just as Frank pressed the spring and injected the contents of the dildo into her.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 496   ~   ~   ~

After gloating for some time over the sight of his mother's relaxed cunt, he suddenly placed her legs over his shoulders and raised her body in such a manner that his prick was opposite her bottom-hole.

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