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make love x 87

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~   ~   ~   Sentence 144   ~   ~   ~

You won't throw me over and make me look and feel an ass, will you, if you should happen to meet someone you think you like better than me?

~   ~   ~   Sentence 256   ~   ~   ~

"Surely even in the wilds of Spain it is considered dishonourable to attempt to make love to a girl who is betrothed to another man?

~   ~   ~   Sentence 259   ~   ~   ~

As for making love, dear lady, I have not even yet begun to make love to you in earnest.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 297   ~   ~   ~

"We have a proverb in Spain that the way to make sure of winning a girl is to make love to her mother.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 298   ~   ~   ~

As you have no mother, I made love last night to Lady Fermanagh, who, I was told, is your guardian, and she invited me to call.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 300   ~   ~   ~

The fates are kind, and now I can make love to you in earnest.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 310   ~   ~   ~

It is an ideal language in which to make love.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 367   ~   ~   ~

True, I have made love to women before, true, many have fallen in love with me and thrown themselves at my head--as you say in English.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 416   ~   ~   ~

"My dear aunt, Don Carlos de Ruiz can neither scare nor fool me," protested Myra; "but surely I have a right to object to his attempting to make love to me when he knows I am engaged to Tony Standish."

~   ~   ~   Sentence 418   ~   ~   ~

"The greatest compliment a Latin can pay a woman is to make love to her--and the majority make love merely by way of being complimentary.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 419   ~   ~   ~

Don Carlos de Ruiz probably makes love to every woman he meets, which very likely explains why he is so popular.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 420   ~   ~   ~

Why, my dear, he almost made love to me!"

~   ~   ~   Sentence 429   ~   ~   ~

He is very much a man of the world, probably something of a Don Juan, and likely makes love as a pastime.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 430   ~   ~   ~

I met many of his type when your Uncle was in the Diplomatic Service--wealthy bachelors who made love to almost every pretty woman they met, provided always, however, that the woman was married or engaged, and there was no danger of being caught in the matrimonial net.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 431   ~   ~   ~

I should say, my dear, judging from my experience, that Don Carlos probably would only have paid you compliments instead of making love to you, if he had not known you were engaged."

~   ~   ~   Sentence 434   ~   ~   ~

After all, as I have told you, men of the Latin races make love almost indiscriminately by way of paying a compliment, and pretty women in Spain, Italy, or France, would feel quite insulted if the men to whom they were introduced did not profess to be hopelessly in love with them.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 443   ~   ~   ~

"If Aunt Clarissa is right, he is only making love to me for his own amusement, and would sheer off if I took him seriously and expected him to marry me.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 468   ~   ~   ~

"In the intervals of making love to you, Myra, I shall sing the praises of your beauty even after you are all mine."

~   ~   ~   Sentence 476   ~   ~   ~

At practically every Society function she attended during the next few weeks, save for a few private parties, Don Carlos de Ruiz was a fellow guest, and invariably he contrived to talk to her and make love, even when Tony Standish was also present, and ignored the snubs and rebuffs she administered.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 504   ~   ~   ~

Surely you must have seen for yourself that Don Carlos has been making love to me on every possible occasion for weeks?

~   ~   ~   Sentence 508   ~   ~   ~

"You--er--you don't actually mean to say that Don Carlos has been making love to you in earnest?

~   ~   ~   Sentence 514   ~   ~   ~

"He persists in making love to me and refuses to be rebuffed, and he has repeatedly sworn that he will take me from you and make me his own at all costs."

~   ~   ~   Sentence 516   ~   ~   ~

"I say, Myra dear, I--er--I wish--er--I wish you'd told me this before--I mean before he and I became pally, I had no idea he was really making love to you.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 525   ~   ~   ~

Unless you want to lose me, you've got to tell Don Carlos de Ruiz--and tell him very, very plainly--that his attempts to make love to me and win me away from you have got to stop.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 531   ~   ~   ~

I'll go and see him at once, Myra, and warn him that if he dares to attempt to make love to you again I'll--er--I'll show him!

~   ~   ~   Sentence 552   ~   ~   ~

She tells me you have persistently been attempting to make love to her ever since you first met her, and have even gone so far as to ask her to throw me over and elope with you!

~   ~   ~   Sentence 555   ~   ~   ~

How dare you make love to my fiancée?"

~   ~   ~   Sentence 564   ~   ~   ~

If Miss Rostrevor has told you I have been making love to her, I cannot deny the accusation without casting doubt on the word of the most charming and beautiful girl in the world.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 580   ~   ~   ~

If you were Spanish, my dear Standish, you would not complain of my making love to your betrothed unless you were unsure of her and were afraid of my winning her away from you.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 591   ~   ~   ~

Had Myra complained about Don Carlos making love to her just to keep him "up to scratch," he was wondering, and found himself more puzzled than ever.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 595   ~   ~   ~

"The lady herself would feel slighted if the friends of her betrothed did not continue to attempt to make love to her.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 596   ~   ~   ~

To profess to be heartbroken because she belongs to another, and to make love to a betrothed girl or a married woman, is surely paying an indirect compliment to the accepted lover or husband, as well as a direct compliment to the lady."

~   ~   ~   Sentence 599   ~   ~   ~

"It would never have occurred to me for a moment that in making love to Myra you were paying me any sort of compliment.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 600   ~   ~   ~

Here in England, Don Carlos, any man who persists in making love to an engaged girl or a married woman is asking for trouble.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 612   ~   ~   ~

I have told many of my friends and acquaintances to-day that I have been invited to Auchinleven for the shooting by my friend Mr. Antony Standish, and now I shall have to explain to everyone that the invitation is cancelled because my friend fears I shall continue to make love to his fiancée, and Miss Rostrevor fears I may abduct her, persuade her to elope with me, or something of the sort.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 619   ~   ~   ~

"Well, possibly if I were permitted to have a talk with Miss Rostrevor, and explain why I have been making love to her, she might understand matters better and raise no objection to my figuring as a guest at Auchinleven," said Don Carlos, after another thoughtful pause.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 635   ~   ~   ~

I warn you, my dear Standish, that I shall not promise to refrain from making love to her, and will continue to try to win her heart.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 640   ~   ~   ~

She has played jokes on me more than once before and made me feel rather an ass."

~   ~   ~   Sentence 643   ~   ~   ~

He slid the decanter across the table invitingly, and Tony helped himself to a drink, still imagining that Don Carlos was jesting, and deciding that Myra had again made him feel "rather an ass."

~   ~   ~   Sentence 660   ~   ~   ~

I don't suppose he'll try to make love to you again, and even if he does you will know he is not in earnest."

~   ~   ~   Sentence 672   ~   ~   ~

Even the boldest man would surely hesitate to make love to another man's wife during her honeymoon.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 680   ~   ~   ~

Besides," she added, inconsequentially, "I don't want to get married yet, and if I did marry you before we go to Scotland Don Carlos would pride himself it was to protect myself from him, and it would be worse and more dangerous if he made love to me as a married woman.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 685   ~   ~   ~

If you'd heard his explanation, you would understand that he was really only paying us both a compliment by pretending to make love to you.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 698   ~   ~   ~

"I have come to tender my most humble apologies for having so far, apparently, failed to melt your icy heart and fire it with the love that burns within me; to congratulate you on being the first woman who has ever taken exception to my making love to her.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 711   ~   ~   ~

"I want to tell you bluntly that unless you give me your word of honour not to attempt to make love to me I shall refuse to go to Auchinleven if you are to be one of the party, and that will leave Mr. Standish no alternative but to cancel his invite to you--and explain to his friends that his reason is my objection to you."

~   ~   ~   Sentence 713   ~   ~   ~

"I promise you I shall not make love to you while we are in Scotland," he said at last.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 719   ~   ~   ~

"Let me warn you, however, my dear Myra, that although I speak no word of love, my heart and my eyes will be making love to you all the time, and every fibre of my being will be loving you and longing for you," he said.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 727   ~   ~   ~

"You have my leave to congratulate yourself as much as you like, Don Carlos, and to hand yourself as many bouquets as you like," said Myra smilingly, "but I shall hold you to your promise not to attempt to make love to me."

~   ~   ~   Sentence 737   ~   ~   ~

"Oblige me by making your promise not to make love to me date from this minute."

~   ~   ~   Sentence 740   ~   ~   ~

Not only did Don Carlos keep his promise to refrain from making love to her, but he seemed to avoid her as much as possible, and was only formally polite when they happened to be thrown together.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 741   ~   ~   ~

Yet he made love to practically all the other ladies of the party, and obviously set the hearts of several of the younger ones fluttering.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 754   ~   ~   ~

Why didn't he half-kill the conceited Spaniard for daring to make love to me?

~   ~   ~   Sentence 762   ~   ~   ~

I am going to make love to Don Carlos and make him fall in love with me in earnest, just to have the satisfaction of turning him down afterwards and making him feel, and look, a fool."

~   ~   ~   Sentence 839   ~   ~   ~

"Incidentally, it is nice of you to keep your promise not to make love to me, but--but----" She broke off as if at a loss.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 842   ~   ~   ~

"No, I--I don't mean that, Carlos," murmured Myra, with eyes downcast; "but--but you have only been coldly polite to me ever since you arrived here, yet I have seen you making love to other girls.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 850   ~   ~   ~

How can you expect me to believe you are really in love with me, Carlos, when I see you constantly making love to other women?"

~   ~   ~   Sentence 856   ~   ~   ~

"Now I have come to my senses, I am going to let the delightful man make love to me as much as he likes, and play him at his own game... Let's sit the next dance out in the conservatory, Tony."

~   ~   ~   Sentence 864   ~   ~   ~

"You silly men don't seem to understand that a girl isn't necessarily in earnest if she says she doesn't want to be kissed, or pretends she doesn't want to be made love to," responded Myra, with a little gurgling laugh.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 880   ~   ~   ~

"What cheek to suggest that I should relieve him of his promise not to make love to me--and leave my bedroom door unlocked!

~   ~   ~   Sentence 894   ~   ~   ~

Meanwhile I shall hold him to his promise not to make love to me, yet do my utmost to make him break his word.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 901   ~   ~   ~

"Confess that you love me, darling, and release me from my promise not to make love to you."

~   ~   ~   Sentence 902   ~   ~   ~

"Why, you dear, conceited man, don't you understand it is only because you pledged your word not to make love to me that I am being nice to you?"

~   ~   ~   Sentence 928   ~   ~   ~

Incidentally, are you not still attempting to make love indirectly?

~   ~   ~   Sentence 929   ~   ~   ~

I suppose making love has become a sort of second nature, and you do not know you are breaking your promise?"

~   ~   ~   Sentence 970   ~   ~   ~

I wish I'd killed you, damn you!"

~   ~   ~   Sentence 984   ~   ~   ~

You've broken my ruddy arm, damn you!"

~   ~   ~   Sentence 1,024   ~   ~   ~

It needed the exercise of all his will power to keep it under control, and continually he had to curb his ardent passion and remind himself of his promise not to make love.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 1,125   ~   ~   ~

Don't tell me the villain has been making love to you again!"

~   ~   ~   Sentence 1,155   ~   ~   ~

Why don't you make love to me and force me to kiss you?

~   ~   ~   Sentence 1,157   ~   ~   ~

"Why, hang it all, Myra, I've just been trying to make love to you and asking you to give me a kiss, and you wouldn't.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 1,202   ~   ~   ~

"I don't suppose Don Carlos had anything to do with the matter, really, although he did say chaffingly that he had been making love to Myra again and said she was afraid of him.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 1,207   ~   ~   ~

"Er--the difficulty is that when I try to talk and make love like the chaps do in novels and plays, Myra laughs at me and tells me not to be sloppy.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 1,233   ~   ~   ~

"And is it an unheard-of thing in Spain for a betrothed girl to play the part of coquette, and to flirt with the men who make love to her?" interposed Myra again.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 1,248   ~   ~   ~

He may decide, on reflection, that a girl who makes love to another man, or, if you prefer it, encourages another man to make love to her, during her engagement and in the house of her fiancé, might do something of the same sort after marriage in the house of her husband."

~   ~   ~   Sentence 1,299   ~   ~   ~

"Damn him!" she said fervently.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 1,405   ~   ~   ~

"Said he thought it was only right I should know, and that he supposed it wouldn't be playing the game according to English ideas if he made love to you and tried to win you from me while he was my guest," continued Tony.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 1,415   ~   ~   ~

"But surely you don't mean that you pressed him to come, knowing he would go on making love to me?"

~   ~   ~   Sentence 1,417   ~   ~   ~

"I told him he ought to have known you were only amusing yourself to pay him out, and that he should have known better than lose his heart after you had objected to his attempting to make love to you.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 1,428   ~   ~   ~

"If the positions were reversed and I were engaged to Don Carlos and you had been making love to me, I expect he would have killed you by now, and perhaps strangled me into the bargain."

~   ~   ~   Sentence 1,433   ~   ~   ~

"I hadn't thought of it that way, Myra, but in any case I know you'll be able to keep Don Carlos at a distance if he should try to make love to you again," answered Tony.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 1,460   ~   ~   ~

"Your idea, as you have admitted, was to make Don Carlos fall in love with you in earnest, because he had made love to you in jest," continued Lady Fermanagh.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 1,655   ~   ~   ~

She was forced to the conclusion that his passionate outburst had been merely a clever piece of acting, for he made no further attempt to make love to her during the cruise, and at times seemed to shun her.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 1,731   ~   ~   ~

"It isn't fair to take advantage of your position as host to make love to me again," she protested, annoyed to find her heart throbbing tumultuously and her cheeks burning.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 1,770   ~   ~   ~

He made no attempt to make love to Myra that day, but often she caught him looking at her with an expression that baffled her and made her feel vaguely uneasy.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 1,790   ~   ~   ~

"I'll guide you out of the crowd, and make love to you instead of dancing."

~   ~   ~   Sentence 1,791   ~   ~   ~

"I don't want you to make love to me," said Myra, "but I shall be glad to get out of this crush, for I hate being elbowed about."

~   ~   ~   Sentence 2,128   ~   ~   ~

When the mists of sleep cleared away completely from her mind, Myra found it difficult to analyse her feelings, but her predominant emotion was resentment against the man who had made love to her so lawlessly and had almost imposed his will on her.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 2,194   ~   ~   ~

"I haven't actually been ill-treated, but this man"--she nodded towards the hooded figure at the table--"has been making love to me and trying to take advantage of my helplessness."

~   ~   ~   Sentence 2,199   ~   ~   ~

How else could I have made love to the Señorita Rostrevor?"

~   ~   ~   Sentence 2,200   ~   ~   ~

"How dare you make love to Miss Rostrevor?" blustered Tony.

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