Vulgar words in An Apostate: Nawin of Thais (Page 1)

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(one's) ass x 3
bastard x 3
bimbo x 1
buffoon x 1
cocky x 1
damn x 2
fuck x 3
fuck around x 1
fucking x 3
give a fuck x 1
knocked up x 1
make love x 7
pimp x 2
piss x 1
shit x 1
son of a bitch x 1
wank x 1
wet dream x 2
whore x 33

Page 1

~   ~   ~   Sentence 50   ~   ~   ~

Had all these years of being a celebrated artist of dejected Patpong whores gone to his head to the point where he could not remember having been as impecunious as a mendicant and poorer than the fecundity of dirt?

~   ~   ~   Sentence 51   ~   ~   ~

And for the hound that he was who sniffed every one of his models, his Patpong whores, preceding and following his marriage to Noppawan, why, he asked himself should he object to odors?

~   ~   ~   Sentence 115   ~   ~   ~

When she came out with her bag of goods she faced a gigantic television screen of video animated advertisements on the wall of a building across the street that flashed 'You prick,' 'Murdering philanderer,' 'You son of a bitch,' and 'Porn, your brothers are watching your ass' at the bottom of the screen.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 209   ~   ~   ~

If I run out of beer later maybe I can ferment wine from some of the rotting day old rice I was trying to eat earlier and whatever you have stinking up your ass."

~   ~   ~   Sentence 367   ~   ~   ~

To understand the level of desirability or repugnance of a given thing (whether or not the Moslem woman sleeping in an adjacent bunk across the aisle with partially opened curtains was "with child," "knocked up," or a southern terrorist in disguise, or whether the train ride, one that every young boy would yearn to go on, was pleasant or not for the man he had mutated into) an overall mood was needed, a background color for the canvas based on faded memories falling through the mind as softly as leaves or as revoltingly as trash blowing on the ground.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 372   ~   ~   ~

There in tattered dirty clothes Jatupon, whom his brothers derided as 'Jatuporn,' was a vermin he could never entirely escape (scaling the prison walls of the subconscious as the boy did), no matter how many thousands of dollars in baht he was commissioned to paint his whores.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 428   ~   ~   ~

He averred inwardly that all his studies of aching prostitutes who were quickly manufactured off the assembly belts of this world, which stretched decades, centuries, and millenniums toward the past and the future, would not help one of them, being dead and unborn as they were; and for those escorts in his immediate present whom he gropingly attempted to befriend, to sooth their jealous reactions toward his unwillingness to divorce his wife and marry them, and occasionally tried to set up as beauty shop proprietors, owners not merely of sidewalk restaurants but of the open garage variety so common in Thailand, supporting them financially while they sought a high school degree or other certificate, and other futile attempts at empowerment, it appeared that what he had succeeded in doing for the dead and unborn whores was infinitely more.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 533   ~   ~   ~

The art critics had been writing about him, albeit less frequently, until he ran out of inspiration for his redundant themes, irrespective of the surfeited forms of whores who came in droves, each with slightly different circumstances, and each with slightly different expressions.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 546   ~   ~   ~

Examining himself in the mirror for the umpteenth time with a refreshingly spry countenance there to befriend him once again, he gave thanks to the mysterious forces that had given him a life where he might make a living presenting his varied depictions of himself with his whores on canvas (a whore of every type from every angle), fervidly contemplative of life's decadent urgings.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 552   ~   ~   ~

Smirking at himself, the wry smile soon fell flat at the thought that even ugly pimps who were affluent from their brutish, sexual peccadilloes might be considered equally sexy; and he sighed at his bland fame.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 553   ~   ~   ~

He had gained it from portraying the same models in the same redundant and stereotypical theme to which he knew no variation; and whether or not those guilt- ridden self-portraits of himself engaging with his whores as stiffly as a Buddha were an exploration of his models or an exploitation of them remained an unanswered question.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 717   ~   ~   ~

Even for a man who perceived all women to be programmed with urges for whoreish involvements to gain independence from the parents within the union of a man, to rob a man of the juice required for baby making and that occupational obsession of baby rearing, and foremost to gain a parcel of land to call one's own (a perspective Nawin, the empath of whores had gained from society overall and not so much from his mother and wife who both relinquished money for the love of poor men, although he himself was no longer poor having quickly ascended to the ranks of the affluent).

~   ~   ~   Sentence 719   ~   ~   ~

A middle aged man traveling alone on a train to nowhere, Nongkai, and then to the sister city of Vientiene, could hardly be exempt of internal lonely burnings any more than he could feel stable when twirling around in this chase within the self no matter how insouciant or cocky he seemed when reflected from others in a figurative mirror or himself in the literal one.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 796   ~   ~   ~

Early into his career, he halfway believed that in his studies of the dejected Patpong whores, petrous automatons of suburbia, desperate homeless mendicants blowing bird whistles at pedestrians near the Chao Phraya river pier, and himself, an outsider inside the travail, the torture, the jailhouse of this unjust world, that he would somehow redeem all.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 799   ~   ~   ~

Those smudges helped no one but himself and for all his money he could not buy the thing that he wanted most--a hardened mask and protective gear similar to that which he had worn while fencing in his undergraduate days at Silpakorn University which might fortify him from being impaled by dejected beggars, peddlers and their carts, sidewalk restaurant workers, whores, and monks who were never given a chance.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 804   ~   ~   ~

It was obsessed by dopamine, adrenalin, and serotonin within for all that he put on canvas--at least it was before retiring and giving himself to indolence, making Noppawan, perplexed at what she could converse about with her retired spouse apart from the names of the bimbos he was copulating with.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 819   ~   ~   ~

To calm his racing, startled heart beat and damn off the adrenaline that permeated and burnt through thought to the rigid ready-to-respond posture of his muscles in a spreading ethereal of flaming gas, he made the dark omen jocular.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 837   ~   ~   ~

Who gives a fuck about the bird?

~   ~   ~   Sentence 866   ~   ~   ~

An hour ago we took the liberty of putting a nanotech bomb comfortably in your ass.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 890   ~   ~   ~

In his case this surely meant being portrayed in the newspapers as naughty Nawin, the artistic savant who pursued his studies of common whores with the most uncommon diligence and when dressed, was regimented in fashionable attire that anointed the brown body of Jatupon and transformed into Nawin.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 957   ~   ~   ~

Drawing prostitutes, fucking them, it is all in consuming and being consumed by beautiful flesh...flaming angels if you will.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 958   ~   ~   ~

It lacks love because love is baneful to lust and making love... an obstacle to reproduction, you know.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 1,124   ~   ~   ~

He envisaged this as if it could be transcribed into art and as if he, a retired has-been who had merely reproduced whores and slight thematic variations of them, were the right one to depict it.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 1,219   ~   ~   ~

Maybe she thought that he should have run away before having his first wet dream at the age of twelve thereby allowing her, even decades later, to frantically hope for the well-being and return of that perennially missing child of her imagination.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 1,299   ~   ~   ~

Contrary to the dream, he had never known his mother in adulthood and apart from being born in America and living there for a few years, possibly the bastard of an unknown father (at least that was his conjecture to explain his parents separation then and the degree to which he was flouted afterward over so many years) he did not know America.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 1,329   ~   ~   ~

Had not art, this flaunting of his portraits of female whores with his own whorish self-portraits to which both parties were portrayed as locked in self-degradation, and going to these exhibitions of his work with an arm locked in that of his best friend (legally a wife), Noppawan, shown that he was free to express his desires in his own mode without having to subscribe to another's moral ordinances regarding the energies that exuded from him?

~   ~   ~   Sentence 1,502   ~   ~   ~

You are rambling shit like a crazy man."

~   ~   ~   Sentence 1,510   ~   ~   ~

More people should do that--not be so serious all the time... just realize that you are fucking around with your time, keeping your life from being entirely meaningless with a personal..." He could not find the word.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 1,722   ~   ~   ~

But I know how to draw naked whores.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 1,771   ~   ~   ~

Had not his whores sought deliverance for themselves and their impoverished families because of him?

~   ~   ~   Sentence 1,789   ~   ~   ~

It had always seemed to him, fettered as he once had been in ideas and paint, obsessed with transforming sordid memories and thought into color as he inexplicably gazed at a barren wall of canvas, that one never made love to a woman but a facsimile of one in one's own brain which that brain distorted to meet the orgasm it longed for.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 1,796   ~   ~   ~

And yet a woman was a whore whose penchant for a parcel of land and a branch of a tree to build her nest was an instinct that was as fulsome as the worse of human hungers.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 1,820   ~   ~   ~

In the seats of his car parked around forested areas within Bangkok's outlying roadside parks (the woods therein avoided because of the bigger probability of the brambles of "queers" accosting him), in forests far from the city, against walls of women's toilets in gas stations, in discotheque parking lots, in hotel rooms, empty upper staircases, in boyfriends' and husbands' beds when they were out, several times, under banana and durian trees in one particular father's orchard, once in a pimp's bedroom when he was out, many times in the villagers own bedrooms while they slept on living room floors eager to take advantage of his copulatory pleasure to get a bit of financial support for their families and fame for the daughters' whose beauty he, the surrogate husband, would preserve on canvases, abandoned buildings and tall skeletal structures that were never quite built after the 1996 financial meltdown, once backstage with a Russian ballerina after a performance of Swan Lake at the Thai Cultural Center, several times between two enormous trash bins at a stadium and once under its bleachers, never in his and Noppawon's home unless occasionally with Noppawan herself but very often in his studio, he had released his snake to a mostly strange and less than angelic array of females who too were victims of poverty and exploitation.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 1,873   ~   ~   ~

His works were a familiar leitmotiff of sordid, dejected whores to which ideas and representation of forms were, for critics and buyers alike, secondary considerations.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 1,911   ~   ~   ~

To him, all sex was making love to oneself but coupled naturally with a woman it did not seem so sordid, even though it perhaps was, while being impure enough as to seem as if he were really making love only to her when the contrary was true.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 1,912   ~   ~   ~

Thus to him making love to a woman was more sordid as a consequence.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 2,006   ~   ~   ~

To trust one exclusively over the others was a madness equivalent to an artist falling in love with his subjects, an inebriation of the myopic he had always tried to avoid in the hope of going beyond the "reality" of one's petty associations to an exposé of exploitation and tacit desperation in which the viewers would see the whores residing within themselves.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 2,060   ~   ~   ~

"The Gods must be cheap bastards or starving rice farmers to consume something like this."

~   ~   ~   Sentence 2,296   ~   ~   ~

Had he done so on that evening when the two of them had beer in their hands, the comment could be dismissed as mere bantering from a boorish buffoon and yet each time he recalled or exhumed this fresh corpse of memory it had nothing like this on it.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 2,693   ~   ~   ~


~   ~   ~   Sentence 2,701   ~   ~   ~

They were distinct in themselves and yet, swallowed and digested by the wind, they were part of its reeking breath: brothers, parents, extended family, evanescent friends of youth, distant cold bits of memory less than specter and dust; Noppawan and Kimberly, his only two portions of love, which, as a self-contained being, he never needed but delighted in ravenously as one who lacked and was in love with those who engendered such lovable feelings (the feelings of being in love being that which were loved most); so many female models, so many desperate, delectable whores with defunct eyes of hopelessness, dead embers with a slight wistful glow for possible deliverance for which men roved like the dimmest of spotlights; so many relationships; so many desperate others no different than the whores (was there a male or female who got involved, let alone married, to worsen one's lot or to become best friends with the self, brazenly riding through loneliness on a solitary raft?

~   ~   ~   Sentence 2,742   ~   ~   ~

It was disconcerting to think of it as gone; and yet, he told himself, as emasculated and denuded as he now felt, were he to continue to mature this way, to climb the precipice of old age, while still acting callow enough to be obsessed by the exquisite release of his body (love making out of the tension of repressed urges towards the many and, as a cumulative exhortation of fantasies vented on a specific one, an act of adultery when making love to her, as it was love of himself, his own gratification), partaking of blithe experiences with female strangers under societal approbation and with youthful lewdness, needing to restrain his behavior very little, scrutinizing it no more than this, and having nothing to show for his life other than wanton appetites dragging him into every damp and unseemly hole open to him would he not eventually become more obscene than the hole he was at this moment in time?

~   ~   ~   Sentence 2,788   ~   ~   ~

He thought not, when the damn was such an unnatural barrier.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 2,863   ~   ~   ~

And if not only the sport of man on man, but all unions of naked intimacy were illicit and vulgar without paper and ink contrived unions of prehistory predating and leading to both, the present generation would make vile bastards of all.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 3,042   ~   ~   ~

The opulence of Bangkok might entice poor school girls in uniform to become whores of old Chinese-Thais and straight men to be serpentine prostitutes, but few were the Buddhists who would kill their servants of their pleasures.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 3,057   ~   ~   ~

and if this potential utterance of candor were done, articulate albeit lacking an adult's sophistication for subtle and separate, antithetical layers of that which was said, logically meant, and yearned for, this triple entendre of politeness and deceit, he would find it liberating to be such a simpleton but he was unable to say that which he meant so all that he could do was to lie and prevaricate...he could attest that as it was Father's Day he needed to leave and see his own family (who would believe that someone of forty would not have one), that shortly there would be a reunion in which he and his wife would surprise his father, (dead as he was) by showing him their infant grandson... but then for such words to be plausible, he would have to be here in Nongkhai with a wife instead of as a single, solitary traveler; he would have to be in a more domestic setting than a guest house for foreigners and their whores; and in a coupling other than wet, fetid nakedness with another be hypocritical enough to even say such a thing, how could he be thought of as anything but a middle aged man who did not know whether to fire or be fired upon, or if an experience was to be enjoyed or feared, a child ignorant and uncomfortable in self and the world at large, which, questioning everything as he did, he supposed that in actuality he was); attractions made all the more so by the magnetic pull of some vague feeling that was a composite of odors, sights, voices, attention, and interaction which seemed to emit and reek of the diminished, mostly forgotten blur of early family; to be so possessed by that which was long ago that it should be the conduit and thrust of succulent sexual truculence, and yet not know the specific memories that were behind it all.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 3,326   ~   ~   ~

"No, I won't contact you for that but I'll keep the card" which was short for "...because you're a good fuck and pay for it."

~   ~   ~   Sentence 3,474   ~   ~   ~

It was good to be there unfettered of obligations to others, and with no whore to distract him from keeping the deeper self company of his ruminations.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 3,548   ~   ~   ~

"No, the language of fucking is," he thought, startled by how close the words were to his lips.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 3,555   ~   ~   ~

"No, fucking," he thought but he held tightly to the reins of the tongue, his restive beast.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 3,586   ~   ~   ~

It was the vilest set of words beyond 'fuck' and 'American' that could be spoken to a French damsel, and he was startled to hear them spill out of his mouth.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 3,647   ~   ~   ~

And of a woman, her love might be proclaimed but never the whore within her that yearned to improve her situation in life as the most virtuous married status and money in one sense or another.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 3,789   ~   ~   ~

She was a whore.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 3,791   ~   ~   ~

But then when did he object to whores.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 3,993   ~   ~   ~

With all the whores he had drawn and played with by going into with a mental microscope and a condom a bit like a marine biologist scuba diving with an underwater camera in his hand he knew the ocean of human suffering inside and out, and drawing it he fed off of it symbiotically.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 4,016   ~   ~   ~

And again, if instead of using the money for more constructive purposes the Laotian were to buy beers and whores with it, the money would be in circulation in this communist bastion of basic sustenance and mild deprivation instead of being an inconsequential part of an astronomical sum in his savings back home, a vehicle for some degree of equity in this world where one would be better off to pluck out his eyes to stay ignorant about such matters.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 4,287   ~   ~   ~

And of this second Boi, the Thai from Nongkai who claimed that he had come into the restaurant of the guesthouse because of the heavy rain, this unknown boy who already seemed as a passing dream, a wet dream, an evaporated being or residual abstraction oozing out of the furthest corners of memory, would he, Nawin, really have paid for his education?

~   ~   ~   Sentence 4,339   ~   ~   ~

Exploiter of whores, splattering their filth on canvas in your colors, your rebellion against this land where naïve belief in the goodness of the Chakri dynasty is supreme, belief that Taksin the Great after his wars with the Burmese had suddenly gone mad, that the bludgeoning of his body and the execution of his son in Cambodia had been done at orders other than that first Chakri, Rama I and that Rama IX did not arise by the assassination of his brother, the Eighth, belief that father, the abuser, knows best.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 4,349   ~   ~   ~

The murder of a rich man to get his gold, the impaling of a whore with your cock, its all mixing to get the most poignant colors on the palette.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 4,356   ~   ~   ~

But I wouldn't give it any concern; it's no different than the wallowing explorations of the pig-like whores you are so fond of, all for the thrill of exploitation and impaling.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 4,373   ~   ~   ~

He could jump the blade wielder if he so pleased, take away the knife under the impulse of the moment (maybe escalating or degenerating into making love to him in the sodden grasses like a pleasure-seeking wild boar if attitude could be wrenched from him with no more difficulty than the knife), and demand an answer for this long wait.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 4,422   ~   ~   ~

And he remembered that in the last year or two she, Noppawan, would mutely convey that most indifferent of yeses to him, her retired, worthless husband who no longer had the stamina to pussy-hunt beyond the domain of his two women, and did not even have the virility to raise a paintbrush as, he concluded, his paintings did not have either enlightened vision or the titian colors of the Greats, and that he was a commercial whore more than an artist--wives of course always wanting money and possessions, always buying and making plans for the renovations of their nests (empty with infertility as they might be), and the buyers of his canvases whom he catered to needing their luscious prostitutes to exude testosterone throughout their stiff cadaverous bodies to transport them from the mundane.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 4,448   ~   ~   ~

"Looks like I'm shutting it down with some wanks.

~   ~   ~   Sentence 4,449   ~   ~   ~

Do you need to piss?"

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